Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Maryland To Tax Computer Support Services -- Tax -- InformationWeek

It seems the once "Free State" is unhappy about no longer being the State with Highest Taxes per capita in the Union. So to found yet their latest and greatest "Government Knows Best" initiatives the have decided to not only increase their Sales Tax from 5% to 6%; but also to apply to any and all IT/Computer Services including the coast of writing customized software.

When other States are courting the high paying IT industries to their State, Maryland has decided to tax it out of theirs.

Maryland To Tax Computer Support Services -- Tax -- InformationWeek: "The measure increases sales tax by 1% and adds computer support services, data center support, custom programming, consulting, and disaster recovery services to the list. Legislators approved the change as part of a tax package they passed early Monday morning."

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