Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Validate THIS!

Validate THIS! has posted the only proper way to deal with a Kitchen Fire.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a day like any other...

I stopped in one of the local grocery stores on my way home a one rainy day not too long ago to pick up Milk and couple of other essentials. In this particular store the milk case was in the far back right corner of the store.

When I finally made my way back there, there was an older couple walking back in forth in front of the case trying to figure out what they wanted. It was almost comical as each would turn, they'd hit the other with their umbrellas that were tucked underarm.

All of a sudden, the lights went out. After a few seconds I heard someone say "nobody move in this dark."

A few seconds late I called out, "Marco!"

After a little laughter, several people responded, "Polo!" Then the lights came back on and the older couple resumed their comical performance.

Standing to my right was a woman not much older than I who was right next to the milk products case (yogurt, cheeses, etc.) She asked if I could reach to the back of the top shelf and grab some buttermilk for her.

"Sure," I said, being used to shorter women asking me for help. "How Many?"


So I reached back and pulled them out one at a time, counting as I pulled out each and handing to her. I had to get on my tippy toes and stretch to reach the third, but it is worth it to prove that chivalry is not dead.

As I turned back around I noticed that she had easily a dozen quarts of buttermilk in her cart (or buggy as they like to call them in these parts.)

"What are making? A ton of corn bread?"

"No," She replied, "Irish Soda Bread."

"Ooo! Just in time for St. Paddy's day, eh?"

"Of course."

"I haven't made that in awhile, maybe I should do that again too."

She just smiled at me as if she rightfully thought I was pulling her leg. No, I've never made it before, but I do know how to make it.

So I added, "It's so simple; flour, buttermilk and baking soda."

"Yep," she agreed, "And so tasty too!"

I have been wanting to try my hand at Irish Soda Bread. Being embolded and feeling inspired I decide to give it a go today.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dawn in a Cold Southern Sky

Twilight breaks the eastern sky
With reddish orange hues to the eye

Pushing back the darkness of night
Are the forces of morning light

No other daybreak can compare
To those in the frozen Florida air

        by Guillermo Zorro del Desierto y Juez de las Iglesias (Memo Juez)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I am not ignoring this blog.

New posts by me can be found on the interwebs:

Korn and Kontrust posts for the iPod series at Teatro Triste del Clown.

A new recipe at I'm Hungry.

And some new to me Franco-Celtic Bluegrass is featured at Musicality.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Big Brother Has Extended his Reach North

The_AV8R recently posted on /. an article entitled In Canada, No Expectation of Privacy On the Net. It brings back memories of the US Government illegally wire-tapping phones in the name of Combating Terrorism They passed laws to legalize it and making it retroactive by granting immunity to the telephone carriers by granting them immunity for obvious Constitutional Infringements.

It seems obvious Canada learned the lesson demonstrated in her Southern neighbour and decided to attempt to remove court oversight on police investigations tracing IP addresses back to a name, number and address. This is being introduce through the Ministry of Public Safety. It also proves that like the US, the Canadian Government has no clue about technology and the ease of IP Spoofing used by true Cyber-Criminals.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Problem With Music

The Problem With Music: "50 grand for the Babes and 60 grand for the Poster Children-- without having to sell a single additional record. It'll be something modest. The new label doesn't mind, so long as it's recoupable out of royalties. Well, they get the final contract, and it's not quite"

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dirty Harry comes clean | Interviews | guardian.co.uk Film

Dirty Harry comes clean | Interviews | guardian.co.uk Film: "'I don't pay attention to either side,' he claims. 'I mean, I've always been a libertarian. Leave everybody alone. Let everybody else do what they want. Just stay out of everybody else's hair. So I believe in that value of smaller government. Give politicians power and all of a sudden they'll misuse it on ya.'"

Great Clint Eastwood quote!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

+5 Comment

I am going to regret trumpeting my own horn, but I got my first +5 comment on /.

Read my award winning comment on $50 to Get XP On a New Dell. Or you can RTFP to see it in context.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Appendix:U.S. Navy slang - Wiktionary

Gotta love Naval Slang!!

Appendix:U.S. Navy slang - Wiktionary: "Sierra Hotel: Phonetic letters for SH, which stands for 'Shit Hot.' Refers to anything impressive or greatly exceeding what is required. Can also refer to the phrase 'Shit Happens'."

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal (Fair) Use

Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use - washingtonpost.com: "The industry's lawyer in the case, Ira Schwartz, argues in a brief filed earlier this month that the MP3 files Howell made on his computer from legally bought CDs are 'unauthorized copies' of copyrighted recordings."

This statement is completely contrary to all proceeding rulings that Fair Use included making copies of Music that you legally purchased for personal use or to share with your friends.

As of today, I will no longer purchase any and all music from any and all RIAA affiliated label and/or media company. I will be writing to all my favorite artists telling them good bye.

Friday, December 28, 2007

States to Track Drivers Through Licenses

States to Track Drivers Through Licenses: "States to Track Drivers Through Licenses
A federal program promotes driving license technology that allows the tracking of motorists even when they are not driving.

Electronic monitoring of motorists will soon expand dramatically as states including Arizona, Michigan, Vermont and Washington begin to use radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in drivers' licenses. These electronic chips broadcast the identity of any card holder to any chip-reading sensor within a minimum of thirty feet. The US Department of Homeland Security is promoting the tracking projects as part of its Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative."

The National ID initiative continues to prove the "Conspiracy Theorists" and Libertarians correct. This latest DHS implementation is one more step towards Big Brother.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogger Forces NASA to Tweak Climate Data [FOX News]

In a little reported event outside of scientific communities was made public by the Fox News Channel in an on air and online report entitled Blogger Forces NASA to Tweak Climate Data.

From the Article:
A NASA research department has admitted that the calculations it used to show an increase in U.S. temperatures were flawed, after a campaign by an amateur meteorologist using his blog.

Climatologists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York have been forced to revise estimates after research by Stephen MacIntyre, who published his findings on his Climate Audit blog.

As a result of his calculations, which he e-mailed to NASA, scientists at the agency now say that 1934, not 1998, was the warmest year in the United States since records began to be kept in 1880.

It's a shame when data is purposefully skewed to reflect agenda instead of Scientific Truth.

I have submitted this story to /.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites | The Iconoclast - politics, law, and technology - CNET News.com

Ron Paul was one of the only two congressmen to vote against Big Brother.

House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites | The Iconoclast - politics, law, and technology - CNET News.com: "The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill saying that anyone offering an open Wi-Fi connection to the public must report illegal images including 'obscene' cartoons and drawings--or face fines of up to $300,000.

"That broad definition would cover individuals, coffee shops, libraries, hotels, and even some government agencies that provide Wi-Fi. It also sweeps in social-networking sites, domain name registrars, Internet service providers, and e-mail service providers such as Hotmail and Gmail, and it may require that the complete contents of the user's account be retained for subsequent police inspection."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Maryland To Tax Computer Support Services -- Tax -- InformationWeek

It seems the once "Free State" is unhappy about no longer being the State with Highest Taxes per capita in the Union. So to found yet their latest and greatest "Government Knows Best" initiatives the have decided to not only increase their Sales Tax from 5% to 6%; but also to apply to any and all IT/Computer Services including the coast of writing customized software.

When other States are courting the high paying IT industries to their State, Maryland has decided to tax it out of theirs.

Maryland To Tax Computer Support Services -- Tax -- InformationWeek: "The measure increases sales tax by 1% and adds computer support services, data center support, custom programming, consulting, and disaster recovery services to the list. Legislators approved the change as part of a tax package they passed early Monday morning."

Friday, November 16, 2007

Stupid stuff ,,,,

Warner Music Group: We were wrong to go to war with consumers

I have a hard time buying that a big multimedia conglomerate and RIAA member in good standing would inadvertently wage war on consumers.

This statement that all but resembles an apology is just the latest tactic by the greedy to lull the consumer into a false sense security.

MacUser: News: UPDATED: Music boss: we were wrong to go to war with consumers: "We used to fool ourselves," he said. "We used to think our content was perfect just exactly as it was. We expected our business would remain blissfully unaffected even as the world of interactivity, constant connection and file sharing was exploding. And of course we were wrong. How were we wrong? By standing still or moving at a glacial pace, we inadvertently went to war with consumers by denying them what they wanted and could otherwise find and as a result of course, consumers won."

Union Members becoming Fat and Lazy?

If I owned a Construction firm, I would offer the Union workers a meager $8/hour since their Union seems to feel that it is a good enough wage to outsource picketing my firm.

NPR : Union Outsources Picket Lines to the Homeless: Gary Chaison, who teaches industrial relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., said renting pickets sends a bad message.

"It's essentially saying that our own members don't have the time, the inclination — or the spirit — to walk picket lines and protect their jobs,' Chaison said. And if actual carpenters don't care enough about companies paying lower wages, Chaison said, why should anyone else?

"I'm trying to imagine what the civil rights movement would have been like if, in fact, they had hired demonstrators to walk down South," Chaison said.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day: Two Environmentalists Anger Their Brethren

This year's Blog Action Day is The Environment

I've longed maligned the Environmental Special interest groups as bunch of tree hugging wackos that are looking more for headline grabbing notoriety than actually addressing any REAL environmental concerns.

Nordhaus and Shellenberger: Two Environmentalists Anger Their Brethren:

Even if every American SUV owner were to buy a hybrid tomorrow, that wouldn't come close to offsetting the environmental damage being perpetrated around the globe. In fact, all the standards, cap-and-trade limits, and emission reductions that environmentalists have been pushing for may slow, but will never reverse, global warming.

And that is Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger's inconvenient truth.

"There is simply no way we can achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions," they write in their introduction, "without creating breakthrough technologies that do not pollute."

Environmentalists, therefore, have missed a huge opportunity. Rather than being leaders in solving the global climate crisis, they are content to be doomsayers and scolds.

Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger first aligned themselves with like minded special interest groups to encourage a serious deep pocket investment of funds in developing alternative fuels. They quickly learned that these other groups had more important agendas.

"Labor groups were interested in protecting existing jobs in the US rather than creating jobs in the new-energy economy," Shellenberger says. "Environmental groups were more concerned with regulatory limits on greenhouse gases and raising fuel-economy standards." They had tried to be strategic by forming a coalition of interest groups, but interest groups were, in fact, the problem.

It is painfully obviously that as long as policy was shaped by special interests — including the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club — there would be no policy other than short-term, narrowly focused fixes.