Saturday, June 16, 2007

A rift emerges over U.S. policy toward Iran - International Herald Tribune

I am really beginning to fear that we are heading towards WW III.

A rift emerges over U.S. policy toward Iran - International Herald Tribune: "The debate has pitted Rice and her deputies against the few remaining hawks inside the administration, especially those in the office of Vice President Dick Cheney who, by some accounts, are pressing for greater consideration of military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities."

Also from the Article: "Even beyond its nuclear program, Iran is emerging as an increasing source of trouble for the Bush administration by inflaming the insurgencies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and in Gaza, where it has provided military and financial support to the militant Islamic group Hamas, which now controls the coastal strip."

With the American forces engaged with the Taliban in Southern Afghanistan, will we be invading our ally Pakistan in an attempts to end the tribal harboring of the enemy?

With Iran's alleged funding and arming of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and various insurgency groups in Iraq, will the US begin some type of aerial assault on Nuclear enrichment facilities, weapons plants, the Capitol or wholesale on Iraqi people themselves.

The Wild West "Shoot 'em dead" mentality of the Bush Administration makes the worst case scenarios more realistically probable than any American Citizen will admit to themselves.


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