Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Computer Virus Hits U.S Media Outlets - New York Times

Great News!

I really love this news story.

Why? ... because CNN, ABC and the NY Times, three Multi-million companies, had their computers and computer systems taken by a Worm that exploits a flaw in Windows 2000.

That's right Windows 2000!

Why do I love that? ... because run smacks in the face of all of those teachers and administrators that swore my department was holding them and their students back from being competitive because we did not give them the latest and the greatest software for their Business and Journalism Labs.

"All the large corporations keep up to date and we need to teach to that!" they screamed. This article screams the exact opposite!

The sad Irony of it all, these same people will see and hear this great revelations and still will not get it. Having said that, it has absolutely no affect on the savory sweetness of the facts supporting one's position.

Excuse me and my smugness right now. After all the abuse us techies got, we were right and it feels nice.


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