Saturday, October 11, 2003

States Score in Tax Battle

Staples claims to be at an unfair disadvantage with stores in 45 states and having to collect sales tax. If this Bill passes, eCommerce only sites will have to file paperwork for 45 states out of one office. Stores like Staples would have great advantage because they will filter their online sales through the appropriat local branch which already has sales tax filing mechanism in place.

The additional costs to Online Only sites would drive up their costs and putting many out of business. This would have a drastic chilling affect on an already cold economy.

Sales would fall off and the States still won't receive any money.

If States are that strapped for cash, they need to reassess and re-evaluate their spending priorities.

I wish I could make snap my finger and make money appear to balance off my overspending.

In Liberty,

dB-) The LNC

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